Mitti Attar Long Lasting

Mitti Attar Long Lasting

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Common NamesPetrichor Oil, Scent of Rain, Baked Earth Attar, Mud Attar


Extraction Method: Traditional attar hydro-distillation(Deg & Bhapka Method) in Kannauj


Part of Plant DistilledBaked earth and heartwood.


Country of Origin: India


CompositionMitti baked earth


ConsistencyMedium viscosity


Cultivation MethodClay of wild-harvested mud


Scent DescriptionMitti Attar fragrance is similar to one that is experienced when the first drops of rain fall on parched earth.


$ 9.77

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“Mitti Attar” or Petrichor Essential oil. Attar kannauj mitti attar in INDIA from kannauj online #Indian attar


Mitti attar can be applied directly as perfume. Besides that, it is also used as a fragrance, an air freshener, an essential oil — and in aromatherapy.

Mesmerizing attar of Mitti contains is stress relieving and help you brings you back to your inner being.

The history of natural attars is very much associated to the history of Kannauj. The perfume city or Itra Nagri Kannauj has been known for producing finest quality natural attars from the Mugal period or even earlier.

The story of the turning rain into perfume is not new, though it has come in limelight recently after huge media attention.


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