Ford Custom phone Mount

Ford Custom phone Mount

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This phone dash mount is for 2004-2023 Ford F150 Trucks, Lightning and Expeditions.


This mount comes with a strong magnet to hold your phone very secure however the magnet part can be removed and the remaining post will fit almost any phone mounting device that has a standard ball joint such as cradle holders, pop sockets, and wireless charging holders.


This phone mount only fits vehicles that meet ALL of the criterion below.


Your vehicle must be:


1- 2004 to 2024
2- Ford F150 Truck, Lightning or Expedition
3- It must have a coin holder in the dash (see photos of the 3 types).
4- It must NOT have the gear shift on the steering column (it will hit the phone mount when it is in drive.
5. You will have to drill a small 1/8” hole in your coin holder.



The mount installs in minutes in your existing coin holder with one screw and it locks in rock solid. You will have to drill a small 1/8” hole through your coin holder to install it.


The phone mount holds onto your phone with strong magnets by locking on to a thin steel plate that you insert between your phone case and the back of your phone. (Two plates are provided so that two different phones can be used with the mount). If you remove the magnet component, the ball post will fit most other types of phone holding devices as well.


The mount swivels and tilts in all directions to perfectly match your line of sight. It’s also easily removed if you want to return to your original dash and coin holder. The small hole you drill in your change holder is not really noticeable once the mount is removed, especially if you cover it from the back with some black tape.


$ 39.95

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