Bamboo Shawl Light Grey

Bamboo Shawl Light Grey

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Bamboo Shawl Light Grey


Details :-


Natural Bamboo fiber is used.


Thanks to the antibacterial, wrinkle-resistant and natural content of bamboo thread, this product is close to cashmere and silk touch.


It has a very light, soft and cool fabric.


Dimensions 80 x 175 cm

$ 18.91

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Bamboo Shawl Light Grey


Description :-

Immerse yourself in the sumptuous embrace of our bamboo thread masterpiece. Enriched with the inherent antibacterial prowess, impeccable wrinkle resistance, and the untainted essence of natural bamboo fibers, this product elevates tactile indulgence to a realm reminiscent of the lavish caress of cashmere and the silken touch of pure silk. Revel in a harmonious symphony of luxury and practicality, where every thread is a testament to the seamless fusion of opulence and sustainability.



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